21-25 Jan 2019 Marseille (France)

Description of the Master Class January 21-25 2019 Marseille (France)

The scientific objective of this Master Class project « Groups and Geometries » at CIRM is to allow master students and PhD students to discover and develop their knowledge of several aspects of geometric group theory, through 5 mini-courses. Geometric group theory is the general framework to study the interplay between groups and the geometric spaces they act on.

The general idea is that groups are actors and they are better understood via their actions. From the geometry of the space, one hope to deduce properties of the group. Conversely, one can construct spaces with a rich and symmetric geometry starting from a group. Moreover, following the ideas of Gromov, a group itself is a geometric object (by metrizing one of its Cayley graphs) and this metric structure gives new geometric insights. The themes of the 5 mini-courses would be : 

Local expenses should be taken in charge by the organization. Registration will happen on the CIRM web site. You can contact the organizers for more information.

This will be the first CIRM/SMF week for young researchers. It is funded by  SMF, ERC GeTeMo  and  ANR AGIRA.


Scientific commitee: Indira ChatterjiVincent GuirardelPierre Py and Petra Schwer.

Organizers: Bruno Duchesne and Thomas Haettel.

Access to CIRM.


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